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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 1, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a campus crime alert. masked men pulling off ten robberies in one night. one of the most frightening on howard university's campus. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. several students were attacked this morning in a campus building. just one in a slough of robberies that police believe are connected. wisdom martin has our top story. >> reporter: when students got the notice that a robbery had happened here on exam pus they were obviously concerned but that concern was taken to another level when they foreigned out that the robbery actually happened -- found out that the robbery actually happened in what they thought was a secure building. around 3:30 thursday morning investigators say a group of students were inside downing hall study ying when four suspects
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came into the engineering building and robbed them. police say they ran out threw the south handicapped door. >> it's crazy. something needs to be done. >> this is an open campus. we need more security. >> reporter: senior julian brice was inside the building on the third floor an hour before the robbery. >> it bothers me because i do be in there late at night sometimes. >> reporter: that was the beginning of an early morning robbery spree between the hours of 3:30 through 6:00 in the morning there were ten robberies in the area. victims reported being robbed by masked men at locations including seventh and kennedy 700 block of hobart and 900 block of randolph. police believe they were committed by the same group of suspects. meanwhile back on campus there are still concerns about how the brazen bandits got into what appears to be a secured building. >> on the third floor they got some labs and stuff. the labs where engineering students be. we had a lab where it's locked.
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nobody could get in unless somebody opened the door for them. >> reporter: students say sometimes they will leave the door propped open while they go get food and come back. with that in mind, schol administrators are asking students to make sure the doors are secured and not propped open after hours. administrators also say they are increasing police patrols to keep campus safe. >> i love howard and the networking. my safety was important. that's why i'm moving off campus. i won't be here late any more. >> reporter: the students say normally the building is locked during a certain time period and police come and check to make sure that it is locked but the problem on campus that is some of the opportunities will leav those doors propped open. since this is an open campus anybody can come in to the building. back to you. georgetown university students shouldn't be surprised to see officers knocking on their doors. they will be going door-to-door to remind students to lock their
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doors and windows. it follows several burglaries in recent weeks. a big story we're following tonight, that drive-by shooting in southeast earlier this week. tonight police have identified a fourth suspect. three people are already under arrest including a 14-year-old. the latest suspect is also wanted for the murder of another young man last week. as fox 5's paul wagner reports that crime may have touched off a street war. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell fox 5 three different guns were used in the shooting. the one they have recovered, an ak-47 has been tested and positively linked to the mass shooting on south capital street. investigators are waiting to see if the gun can be conclusively linked to the murder of jordan howe. police believe orlando carter was looking for payback when he and three others opened fire into a crowd on tuesday night. witness five observed gunshots and observed a silver colored minivan with
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an unknown black male leaning out of the driver's side of the minivan facing several individuals gaerdz outside of a building on southeast. witnesses saw the minivan fleeing the scene followed by members of the metropolitan police giving chase. >> they believe a 14-year-old is a get away believe. he was under the department of youth and rehabilitation services supervision. that he had left group homes several times. they say he's been arrested 11 times including assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery. >> i've done this so many times. i don't know how many murders i've been on the scene of. in 20 years and can't think of really many where somebody would be able to say there was justification for it but in a case like this simply outrageous that such a simple disagreement that essentially had been resolved resulted in four
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people losing their live. >> reporter: that gold colored bracelet wasn't even stolen. it was taken for safekeeping by a woman who turned it over to police. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> d.c. police have been looking for the fourth suspect for a week since the murder of jordan jordan how e. someone called police to report they had seen a man lying there shot. the victim's name has been not released. the pentagon is beefing up security after last month's shooting. the changes include more screening of visitors random inspections and better outside lighting. last month john bidell open fired on police officers. they returned fire killing him. metro is trying to come up with millions of dollars to fill a huge hole in the
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budget. the deficit is from higher expenses and not as many people riding trains and buses. they are considering higher fares and reduced schedules to cover the shortfall. >> reporter: as you just said there is a $189 million shortfall for metro's next fiscal year. how do they make it up? on the table service cuts increases in fares and layoffs. tonight was the last night of public hearing to get your input. >> people depend on the buses for their lively hoods. >> reporter: downtown rockville a county cafeteria, the backdrop for feedback on cut backs. that will affect hundreds of thousands of riders throughout our region. >> when we talk about eliminating bus lines or truncating bus lines both have a dramatic impact on people. this will just discourage rider ship. >> reporter: metrofficial including board chairman peter benjamin got an earful from citizen with a
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real steakin bus and rail service. >> increasing the cost of the essential services have an even greater negative impact on the disabled community. >> we're willing to pay more to preserve our metro services >> there is a shared sentiment for many of the outspoken riders. >> be very careful about cutting off your nose to spite your face. >> reporter: metro has a bigger problem to overcome than a budget shortfall. it is the transit agency's safety reputation. >> i do think it is important to prays the workers to have excellent safety records but that doesn't take back the nine people that were killed in the catastrophic crash in june. that doesn't take back the confidence that was lost by the riders and other accidents that were only injured. >> reporter: here are the key figures to consider. more than $189 million is the gap between what metro take in and what it spends. metro is proposing more than $89 million in fare increases. nearly 34 million in service reductions. and more than 16 million in
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depart al re-- developmental reductions that would include layoffs. the cut backs will make it harder to find a seat on certain bus and train routes and you'll pay more to ride. the metro board may have a preliminary decision in april and final albany in june. >> thank you. it now costs a little more to ride the fairfax q buses. fares are up 10 cents. the general fare is $1.35. students, disabled riders and senior citizens pay 75 cents. voters in anne arundel county will get to decide if a casino can be built at arundel mills mall. opponents have collected enough signatures no get a referendum on the ballot in november. the county has asked them to consider holding off on any plans until then. the fox 5 storm force is tracking beautiful spring weather just in time for the
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cherry blossom festival. the world famous trees are at their peak and look ggeous against that blue sky. sue is live in the weather center after sending the week in the tidal basin with the cherry trees. >> it was so packed down there. a combination of the fact that the weather is so spectacular, the kids are on spring break and it is easter week and passover. so a quadruple whammy. it was packed but worth the trip. if you are going to go down plan a lot of patience and extra time to find a parking space. or ride your bike. beautiful out there today. check out the high temperatures. we got up to 74 degrees and even the water near the tidal basin didn't do much to cool it off. it was absolutely perfect down there. you get away from water and dulles was closer to 80. closer to the water bwi at 73. the high in a nah -- annapolis
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is 64 degrees. that will be the same tomorrow. but look down to our south. raleigh got up to 84 degrees. cincinnati 81. and detroit and rochester up to 80 degrees. it's a big old heat wave we're seeing as we begin the month of april. everyone well east of the mississippi is seeing temperatures in the 80s. you know what? it is going to be continuing. as hot in parts of the country. we will still stay warm with the exception of those areas around water. soak that up while you can. if you need to ditch out of the 70s near 80 temperatures head over toward the beaches this time of year. but it will be another warm one through tomorrow. we're going to keep it going through the weekend. we'll talk more specifically about that weekend forecast when i join you upstairs with the five-day. the man convicted of killing an abortion doctor at point-blank range is headed to prison. what he told the judge before he went. the waters are receding.
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problems in the northeast piling up. we'll take you into the flood zone. a teenager driven to commit suicide after being bullied by his classmates. hear what one of the classmates has to say tonight. matt? it's not out in stores until saturday but tonight we are holding onto the ipad. coming up we're going to take you through it show you how it works. >> you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. our 90-minute power block of news is just getting started. xt$q?
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a texas teenager is being threatened aftered he admitted to bullying a student who committed suicide. his mother picked him up because he was worried about what might have happened to him. he said he picked on john carmichael but never wanted anything bad to happen to his classmate. >> i did bully him but it was both of us messing around. i never did it because i hated him. the things that i have done to him you know, i wish i
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could take it back. but now that he's gone, i can't do anything about it. >> the school the boys attended is introducing an anti- bullying program. john carmichael's funeral was held today. keeping students safe is the goal of a brand new effort in annapolis. lawmakers are debating a proposal that would require students convicted of sexual offenses to be separated from their victims at school. the convicted student would have to attend a different school and ride a different bus from the victim. last month the house of delegates passed legislation to keep gang ack cyst out of schools. the man who killed a doctor for performing late term abortions will likely spend his life in prison. scott roter never denied that he hopped fire on dr. g tiller last may. >> god commands,shall not murder. killing a baby in its mother's
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womb was cold-blooded premeditated murder of a helpless child. >> reporter: final words of a man who murdered an abortion doctor. district judge will bert sentenced scott roter to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 50 years. >> there are no mitigating factors that outweigh the aggravating factors. >> reporter: it's the harshest possible punishment for roter who admits to stalking the doctor looking for the right time and right place to kill the abortion doctor. he shot tiller last may as he was serving as a church usher. >> this is an act of a terrorist who was on his way to commit an act that he believed would make him a hero. >> reporter: defense awyers fought for parole eligibility after 25 years. >> george till waters not an innocent person nor was he
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helpless. although he person he killed were innocent and helpless. >> reporter: dr. tiller's family insists he was a family man and respected women's rights. >> he respected and trusted the right of women to make their own decisions. >> reporter: it's been tougher for women to get abortions in kansas. lawmakers are working -- on enacting tougher laws that would continue the doctor's missions. mayor john thornton of washington park was shot twice in the chest while in his car early this morning. it crashed into a tree. police believe the mayor was driving around after working a second job overnight. washington park is a small town where half the residents live in poverty. the city declared bankruptcy last year. five suspected somali pirates are being held accused of firing on a u.s. navy battleship based out of norfolk, virginia. it happened on the indian
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ocean. the crew of the u.s.s. nicholas returned fire sinking the pirate's small boat and capturing their ship. u.s. forces have stepped up antipiracy efforts in the region. with water levels receding many residents are trying to figure out how to start the cleanup. sue palka with more. >> reporter: good riddance to the march lion in the northeast. they have had three soaking for easters that produced record rain totals in the last week. while the rain is gone and waters are receding flooding still continues as many rivers are well above major flood stage. it might be april fool's but this is no joke. flooding up and down the northeast from new jersey to rhode island folks are cleaning up thanks to the march madness of storms. like in lincoln park, new jersey where streets have turned into rivers and homes are submerged. march was the wettest on record in the garden state with an average of 9.26
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inches of rain. in easternonnecticut many schools and roads remain closed and people just want the water to go away. >> take a hot shower. >> i just don't want to be wet any more. >> reporter: the water may have started to recede but the mess will take a long time and a lot of money to clean up. the muck on the ground is contaminated with sewage and chemicals and the area declared a federal disaster area. >> the guz good news is that d.o.t. crews out all night supplemented by national guard personnel and pumping and pumping night long and into today to get the water off 95. >> reporter: president obama has also declared massachusetts a federal disaster area. he made a surprise stop by the emergency management agency in framingham for an update. that corridor between boston and new york has finally been able to reopen. thanks to the efforts of
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the national guard sandbagging and pumping i-95. in rhode island you saw the governor. he expects the cleanup to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. the good news is no more for easters in the forecast. a disney world bus hit and killed a 9-year-old boy at the orlando theme park. it happened near the entrance to fort wilderness. the campground at the resort. the boy was riding with an 11-year-old girl. she wasn't hurt. they were wearing helmets. there were 28 people on board at the time of the accident. the vatican firing back against allegations that the pope covered up sex abuse. plus a 10-year-old in daycare tasered by police who say they did not have a choice. major projects coming to the commonwealth. we'll map out the trouble spots ahead.
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sglvrn r to indiana police
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officers have been suspended after using a taser on a 10-year-old boy at a daycare. cops were called for a child who was out of control. he was wildly flailing his arms and legs and no one could restrain him. that's when one of the officers shot the boy with a taser. parents are outraged and the issue is being investigated. the pope is under fire tonight for his alleged role in covering up priests' sex abuse. the vatican is fighting back and accusing the new york times of being unfair. greg burk reports from roam. . >> reporter: the holiest week on the christian calendar is a very intense one pope benedict xvi. he is under fire for allegedly mishandling two sex abuse cases. but now the church is firing back at its critic. american cardinal william
10:25 pm
leveda. a vatican official and long time aide to the pope is challenging reports in the new york times. leveda accused the times of being unfair to the pope and getting its facts wrong. leveda writes i asked the times to reconsider its attack mode about pope benedict xvi and give the world a more balanced view of a leader it can and should count on. the times is standing by its stories claiming they are based on official documents and meticulous reporting but many in the catholic church disagree. >> i think that the times coverage has not been entirely disinterested. i believe that they have been printing the all the news hat fits what they want people to think about the catholic church. >> reporter: while the sex abuse scandal rocks the church in europe particularly ireland and germany, there are lawyers in the united states trying to get benedict to testify in abuse trials there. something experts say is not very likely. >> he's a head of state so calling the pope to testify
10:26 pm
in a u.s. court would be like an italian lawyer asking the queen of england to come and testify in a trial here in italy. it's just not going to happen. >> reporter: there are some people in europe calling for pope benedict's resignation. that is very unlikely. however, even vatican officials admit that what is at risk is the church losing its moral authority. in rome greg burk, fox news. the i-ticipation is building, but is the ipad worth the. your commuter crunch is about to get underway but it will be a lot worse before it gets better. what's up with this. johns hopkins changing its name? taking out the s? we've got the story coming up. at the super low price of $99.99 a month --
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need some information fast? topek a it. google changed its name in
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honor of the city of topeka campus. the mayor unofficially named his city google for the month of march. the countdown is on. apple fans worldwide are counting the days until they can touch and play with the brand new ipad. some say it will replace laptops as we know them but some say it is just a super sized iphone. matt ackland took it for a test drive. >> reporter: fewer a big fan o apple you'll love this device. it's light and thin. the one we used tonight seems to work perfectly. the question is, is it worth better than a laptop and is it worth hundreds of dollars more for a larger i touch or iphone. it's just like apple to tease us a little bit. announce a new product back in january and then just let us all wait. now days before the ipad's release the media has been
10:31 pm
whipped into a frenzy. >> if you want to see the keyboard... >> reporter: katie burrett writes a technology column. >> reporter: apple was so careful about keeping it out of the hands of the public, katie didn't even let her family see it. but on thursday she was permitted to show us the ipad and give us her thoughts. >> just to explain how i used it last weekend i was at my parents' house in pennsylvania and brought my laptop home and brought my ipad home. i didn't open up my lap to once. >> we took a tour of what the ipad offers. the speed that the apps are launched is lightning fast. movies and pictures are crystal clear and the book function which should compete with amazon's kindle is in color and looks like you're reading a real
10:32 pm
book. apple executives are careful not to talk about how many ipads they have manufactured or even presold but one thing is for sure. if the ipad is anywhere near as popular as the iphone, millions will sell. they say it's more than just a big iphone so i guess we'll see. i'm not going to buy it tomorrow or on the 3rd but i'll definitely take a look at it. >> reporter: katie says although she was happy with the performance of her loaned ipad she was disappointed about a few things. >> it has some down sides too. it doesn't multi-task. it doesn't have a webcam. >> reporter: already there is speculation apple plans to fix those things with ipad 2.0. as usual, with apple we won't know until steve jobs decides to tell us. >> i feel like apple should let people use it for three weeks and say yeah this fits into my daily life. >> reporter: what about battery life? apple claims its battery will last ten hours even if
10:33 pm
you're constantly watching video. the wall street journal found that the battery actually lasted 11 and a half hours. the price point is lower than what some thought it would be. it starts at 499 for the basic wi-fi model. >> looks interesting. you get the first generation and i'll catch it in about a year. >> i'll try it out for you. how about a free ipad? all full time students at seat on hill university in pennsylvania will receive one next fall. most say they will use the ipad to download textbooks. all full time freshmen will also receive mack book laptops. >> we think it's going to make their texts more readily available allows them to take notes easier in class let's them share information among each other easier. >> we're teaching the future. we're teaching students who are going to create our future and live in it. >> reporter: the gadgets may be free but students will have to pay $500 a semester for digital services.
10:34 pm
anyone who drives the beltway around tyson's corner knows it is a construction zone. the new four-lane hot lanes on 495 to expand the metro expansion for the dulles project, it's going to get a lot busier. john henrehan has tonight's traffic alert. >> reporter: this is tyson's corner. the beltway and route 123 the here. route # is over there a little bit. -- 7 is over there a little bit. tyson's corner is going to be ground zero for the next two years for construction delay. utility relocation for the future expansion of metro rail has been tearing up northern virginia streets for a year. traffic has already been impacted. >> it has taken away the lanes that were right on the access roads. those are gone. and the lane shifting provides a problem. especially if it's dark outside or it's raining so it
10:35 pm
slows it down for sure. >> reporter: traffic around here is going to get worse before it gets better. >> traffic will be shifted. >> reporter: traffic engineers from d-d.o.t. reached reporters on roadway projects that are expected to slow motorists i the coming months. finishing the fairfax county parkway so it runs from route 7 all the way to route 1. and the big hot lanes project on the beltway from springfield to north of the dulles toll road. loss of shoulders and lane shifth is affecting traffic and will get measurably worse around tyson's corner starting this summer and lasting another 12 to 14 months. why? accelerated metro rail construction above a below ground is happening here at the same time. engineers think many car trips, maybe 20 plus minutes longer than they are now. d-d.o.t. is asking for help
10:36 pm
from flowers. >> we want to in-- employers. >> we want to encourage tell commuting and different work . >> reporter: d-d.o.t. is funding shuttle and transit buses at tyson's corner. they are hoping that once tyson's corner has four operating metro rail stops and the hot lines can carry buses and carpoolers individual car trips in the area may decline as much as 30%. at tyson's corner john henrehan fox 5 news. when will it all end? the new hot lanes should be finished by december of 2012. metro trains should be rolling to wheelie avenue by 2013 and train service to dull he is should be operating by 2017. it is one of the most powerful painkillers on the market and tonight there is a powerful push to pull it from the shelves for good. we're on panda watch again. the telltale sign the national zoo is monitoring that could mean there is a
10:37 pm
baby panda on the way. bore
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h ntis
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another april fool's day joke. johns hop kips released a bogus press release saying that the school was giving up trying to correct people who said it was john hopkins and released the image of this guy painting over the s on the school sign. all an app fool's joke. >> that's a good one. harlem globe trotter rocket rivers was in d.c. helping pull off an app fool's prank at gallery place. he pretended to be a brand new class instructor and had members doing all sorts of moves with the basketball.
10:41 pm
he looks like the one doing the moves and they look shocked. he finally revealed his true identity though. >> i actually had them believing me for a little while. they were very into the work out and then i ripped off a my work ups and they thought i i was a globe trotter and gave them free tickets. >> the team will play at the patriot center e same day. it is supposed to take your pain away but the families in this instance say one pill is ripping them apart. wanted a venture on your vacation? get just the thing. how to get dropped into the jungle. i don't recommend leaving washington the next several days. it will be so beautiful. some of the nicest weather we've had all spring is rolling into town. you sampled it today. will it continue through the easter weekend? we'll have that forecast next.
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it won't be long until we know if the national zoo's female panda is pregnant. scientists have detected a hormone rise in mejong. she may have a pregnancy or a false pregnancy. her only cub tai shan was sent to china this year. have you been counted yet? the census bureau hopes you've sent in your forms by now. it matters for things like schools, finances and how many representatives you get. why it gets done every decade. >> reporter: you might know april 1st as april fool's day but once every ten years it is also census day. >> it's really short. fill tout and mail it back. >> reporter: to get the word out bob groves the man in charge of the 2010 national
10:46 pm
census hit ben's chili bowl. >> once every ten years we count ourselves on this day. >> reporter: this rally at freedom plaza on pennsylvania avenue served as a simultaneous pep rally and reminder. further up pennsylvania avenue the family that lives in a house onthe 1600 block released the photo of this obama family census form being filled out. the census worker hirings will also help unemployment numbers. >>-seen reports that the census bureau has hired thousands of folk. there are a lot of different factors we'll see in the jobs report. >> reporter: the census costs $14.# billion to conduct. they're also used to determine the size and shape of your congressional district. there is oe group illegal immigrants, that are a big challenge. >> they are still a little bit
10:47 pm
unsure. will this hurt me? >> reporter: the census administrator for the mid-atlantic states says he's trying to sprend the message that census information cannot be used against you. >> we don't ask about citizenship. we don't ask if people are documented or not. we do not need to know. we do not want to know. that's not ou. >> reporter: so far 52% of all census forms that have been mailed out have been filled out. getting the other 48% will now be the center of attention for the census in the next eight months. if you don't fill out your census form expect to get a visit from a census worker between may 1st and june 10th. by law the census has to have its final report on president obama's desk by the end of the year. tom fitzgerald fox 5 news. folks, if you want to know about a sure sign of spring, sue palka puts away her introducer socks. i can tell you she doesn't have any on today. >> i have all the pink
10:48 pm
dry-cleaned in time for the cherry blossom. >> that was originally white. >> turned a pink on me. >> i think all of washington was down at the tidal basin. i cannot get over six weeks ago we were dealing wit all this snow thinking this day would never come. they are at peak. they should last, will definitely last through the weekend but i betterly next week they'll start coming down. if you are taking pictures we'd love for you to upload them to we have a great cherry blossom gallery of photos and a lot of extra information. there was the shot of the day. everybody wants that picture with the jefferson memorial in it. it is a wonderland down there. tomorrow will be another great day to check it out. it was fun seeing everybody down there. thank you so much for coming up and saying hello. i was down there for the 5:00 and 6:00 news. reagan got up to 74 degrees. dulles pushing 80. it was a little cooler at bwi closer to the water and annapolis high was 64 degrees. near the bay and down at
10:49 pm
the ocean water temperatures are still pretty chilly. that definitely affects the surrounding area. make sure you are thinking about that if you're heading out in that direction because it will definitely be cooler morrow near water just like it was today. we're headed for 77 degrees on good friday. saturday, 80 degrees. easter sunday looks terrific at 77 and keeping it going into monday at 79 degrees. the other trend that we're going to be focusing on is the pollen. we're starting to come into peak season and sue who does all the pollen counts for us at walter reed says this season exploded on us because so much of the season was cold and got warm suddenly. oak is coming on strong. grasses and molds are low. the weekend, let's focus on that. it is almost here. saturday looks delightful. 80 degrees. very mild. 57. easter sunday, the only difference is it looks like some clouds will roll in. we'll have aront crossing by. we don't think it's going to
10:50 pm
come through with any precipitation. noticeable clouds in the afternoon. it is nice. 62 degrees. annapolis has recovered a little bit. 57 degrees and our temperatures tonight will be generally in the 40s to around 50 to 52. some. suburban areas can get pretty chilly. today i clicked off my furnace for the first time since last fall. mafks hd satellite and radar we've got the clear skies and we'll be watching this complicated system where the storminess is out in the west. that will become a weak frontal system. tch it on future cast here. as it comes across the country, high pressure blocks it out until easter sunday. we'll see a little bit of cloud cover coming on through with that system. the sprinkles may be in the mountains or up to western pennsylvania. then definitely returning right back to sunshine with the passage of what will pretty much essentially be a dry front. we're going to start warming up even more tomorrow. the high pressure is going to slip off the coast. that gets more of a
10:51 pm
southwest wind. you might notice an up-tick in humid over the next couple days. most of the moisture is going to dry up before it gets into our region. lots of sunshine, warm, almost summer like in some spots. we'll keep the clouds at bay until easter sunday. here is your five-day forecast. by no means is that going to be a cloudy day i don't think. just a little bit of an increase in clouds. this is a delightful forecast. we've got 79 degrees for you even into easter monday and tuesday 79. so things are looking real dry on this five-day and some people are starting to suggest that perhaps we will have a dry summer. >> okay. >> interesting. >> we're not sure about that. depends whether or not a la nina develops. >> it fits the pattern of nothing or everything. >> that's true. thank you, sue. the drug oxycontin is supposed to take away the pain but some families say it's doing the exact opposite. kids are easily getting hooked on the drug and there are calls for a ban.
10:52 pm
fox's dr. ovinko has more on the debate. >> we've been to hell and back. >> reporter: in 2008 she larned her son andre was abusing oxycontin and noticed changes in his attitude and health. >> it's not your son. they change. >> reporter: cathy says her son was in and out of rehab. he would steal from her to pay for bills. >> we said you either have to go to a rehab or we're going to throw you out on the street. we ended up having to change the locks and throw him out on the street. >> reporter: cathy eventuallily connect with larry gold balm. he is a pharmacist turned advocate heading up a web petition to get drug makers to stop making oxycontin. >> the feeling is if we get oxycontin off the market people will still be managed with their pain. they will not be any lost steps concerning pain management and it would certainly be a symbolic step of what the country intends to do about the growing drug culture. >> reporter: other drugs can
10:53 pm
help patients in pain. but dr. zoloff says they can be expensive. he uses oxycontin only to treat severe pain like cancer but has seen others inappropriately treated elsewhere who are hooked. he disagrees with a ban but says laws need to change. >> it would be useful to restrict it so that only people that have expertise in chronic pain management can prescribe it, or restrict it to a certain subset of patients. >> reporter: purdue makes oxycontin and says banning any fda approved medication will not solve the prescription drug abuse problem. they would simply turn to other pain medications list it and illicit. she is left wondering if her son will go back. >> i have to think positive and give him the benefit of
10:54 pm
the doubt but i'm scared. i'm very scared. coming up next on the "news edge" a soldier busted for running a brothel. what investigators say he was doing inside a maryland apartment. plus most april fool's jokes were harmless but pepco got punked and was not happy about it. the caps try to snap a three-game losing streak against a team they could see in the post-season. and the thrashers were physical. colby armstrong doing head hunting and that's not very nice. the particulars coming up on the "news edge" at 11:00.
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hawaii, paris, aspen? not een close. a new company drops you in the middle of the amazon jungle for two weeks. some people call it the vacation of a lifetime. fox's david piper shows us
10:58 pm
the ultimate in roughing it. >> reporter: affordable handy camp catches all. the smoky rain frog, the tree water that relieves back pain. >> that's good. >> reporter: the rick ety chair lift over a rainforest. eco planet adventure is not for the faint of heart. while it may look like a tv show it is reality. nikki and his son will take you to remote ecuador. >> you'll have a experience that you'll never forget. >> some of the expedition we have to walk between 10 and 15 miles a day. >> that's tough. you want to lose 20 pounds. no diet. >> reporter: we'll sleep in a jungle. we will not go in any hotel. only the sky. >> reporter: the journey is open to anyone. this ucf professor has gone more than once. >> this is getting out and
10:59 pm
doing life. >> reporter: same with this college park bike shop employee. >> we tae a lot for granted. >> reporter: food on this vacation has to be caught. pirahna is a popular entree. >> the jungle is like a public supermarket. >> that's larva. >> that's the bacon of the jungle. >> if it unsettles the stomach. >> drink the juice of pacific plants. >> other injuries addressed native style. access to rare wildlife unprecedented. this golden beetle is worth $2,000 in japan. watch out it's anaconda country. and aftera long day rappeling water falls repairing tree houses, and blow darting, a shot of fermented boa con trick tore


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